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PF has become a breeding ground of some wonderful nicknames over the years, ranging from well thought-out to downright weird. This nickname glossary has been created to not only assist forum newcomers with the linguistic nuances, but for the regulars to reminisce and locate name origins that perhaps have been forgotten over time. 


The research for this was only able to take into account forum posts (not chat room messages). If you have any feedback, suggestions or corrections, please send myself @webz or one of the other admins a PM with details and supporting evidence if possible.


NicknamePersonDate CoinedSourcesExplanationThread PostOther Sources
PlaystationCarlos DelfinoPre-PFdetteamThis appears to be pre-PF as Delfino was already being referenced as Playstation in 2005. detteam later confirmed, "I will take credit for that one from the pre-PF.com days over at the detnews forum. After hearing Vegas summer league reports of him thumbing his Playstation on the bench and not paying attention to the floor..."Link 
Quick Hands, Fast HandsRodney WhitePre-PFMad HatterPossibly this was established pre-PF. First mention of either nickname on the forum was by Mad Hatter, "Reminds me of what I told that joker from Denver who invaded the other forum right after they signed Rodney "quick hands" White. Some might recall this joker... gloating over their "theft" of RW."Link 
FlipperFlip SaundersSep 03, 2005lemonpenFirst mention of Flipper in reference to Saunders was from lemonpen, "Like LB4LB I'm hoping Flipper takes the finest opportunity ever handed him and proceeds to overshadow the accomplishments of the last guy."Link 
Bup BupChauncey BillupsSep 04, 2005TheeTFDFirst mention on PF, "In the East BupBup has proved to be most effective. Only Parker from the West got over on BupBup because he played on a better coached team." TheeTFD later surmised the reference was derived from Pistons announcer Mason saying Bu-bu-Billups during games.Link 
Uncle CliffyCliff RobinsonSep 27, 2005buddahfanThe thread was named 'Sheed and Uncle Cliffy'. "The Pistons got maybe one fair year out of Uncle Cliffy. That was his first year in Detroit when he was 35."Link 
Brahma BullJason MaxiellNov 19, 2005mercuryFirst mention of Brahma and Maxiell was in a Mercury post, "That said it was Jmax that destroyed everyone on the very first day (including Lee)... Lee would not stand a chance against the lil Brahma in a head to head battle." Almost a year later Roscoe mentioned, "they are calling Maxiell the Brahma Bull, meaning that Greg Kelser mentioned it during the game, and George Blaha after the game... Kelser says "Sitting next to Rasheed, new mentor, calls him the Brahma Bull..." When 12 post member LilWeez questioned the coining of the nickname Mercury said, "LILweez is full of it... it came from this keyboard."Link 
ElderlyElden CampbellMar 04, 2006LA DreFirst mentioned in a Lakers-Pistons game thread by LA Dre, "Maybe Kato's going to be waived and Joe will sign Elderly for some post season minutes."Link 
Stone Hands

Nazr Mohammed

Kwame Brown

Aron Baynes

Jul 04, 2006ahbFirst player to receive the label was Nazr from ahb, "Shouldn't that tell us all we need to know about Nazr Mohammed? Even with nobody behind him but superscrub Fabricio Oberto, the Spurs didn't care to re-sign his stone handed, no-D young big body."
Kwame Brown later inherited the label as a member of Pistons.
Aron Baynes has the current mantle.
Unko DabunkalogoFictional playerJul 05, 2006MainManJoeDBegan as a tongue-in-cheek jab at Joe Dumars by MainManJoeD for the drafting of Darko. "Of course, Joe may go and draft Unko Dabunkalogo from the former Soviet Republic of Tajikistan, so my plan is not fool-proof."Link 
Tazer/TaserDale DavisAug 03, 2006TaSIn 2006, Dale Davis was arrested in Miami Beach and had to be subdued by a Taser after he threatened police officers. TaS immediately suggested, "He doesn't really have a nickname yet right? Tazer is a good one."LinkLink
Clueless CoachEvery coach since FlipAug 29, 2006HobbsLee356

The very first reference to a Pistons coach being clueless was by Hobbs, "Flip was totally clueless as to what kind of player Carlos was and if that doesn't change then Carlos will be stapled to the bench again."

The first reference by Lee356 to a clueless coach was directed at Flip Saunders on Jan 6, 2007, "Rip was great early, but was tired late. Something about having a coach clueless in managing minutes."

Coach Curry was first called clueless by Lee356 on Dec 21, 2008, "I mentioned that Carlisle knew what he was doing, as he had many years as an assistant before being our coach. This is in contrast to Curry, who just had last year as experience. And whom I am now referring to as clueless."

Coach Kuester was first called clueless by Lee356 on Oct 15, 2009, "Daye got the start, but he did not play long, as apparently the new coach is clueless about how silly it is to play small ball, and went to small ball most of the game. I wonder what clown Dumars will come up with next year to repeat the same old mistakes."

Coach Frank was first called clueless by Lee356 on Nov 16, 2012, "...because our coach is clueless and won't play Stuckey where he can excell - as the backup point."

No record of Coach Cheeks being called clueless.

Coach Loyer was first called clueless by Lee356 on Feb 18, 2014, "Sorry, no new ideas here. Clueless as the last one."

Coach Van Gundy was first called clueless by Lee356 on Feb 14, 2016, "In a desperation move, this totally clueless coach brings in Dinwiddie for the last 4 minutes."

DolphinFlip SaundersNov 29, 2006Pwn ToneyThe first time Flip and dolphin appeared together was from Darth Tater in a Flip Murray thread, "Flipper the dolphin is more intelligent than Flip Saunders." The first time Flip was actually called Dolphin was by Pwn Toney, "The two practiced philosohpies of "freezing out" Mr. Wallace (employed by Cola and the Twitchy Dolphin) got the Pistons bounced unceremoniously in the ECF."Link 
SpellcheckArron AfflaloJul 12, 2007Taco JohnFirst mentioned by Taco John (total of 50 posts), "He, Stuckey, Spellcheck, and Maxiell are going to play this year."Link 
Giant TurdFictional player/Kwame BrownJul 03, 2008Ernie the Slow AdultWhen discussing which free agents Joe should pursue with the MLE, Ernie the Slow Adult said, "Whatever Joe does is OK by me. If he signs a giant turd with the MLE I'll be at the NBA store the next day looking for its' jersey." Kwame Brown later assumed the nickname rights when he became a Pistons and Basketbills quipped, "I know we talked a lot in the forum about signing Giant Turd. And now it happened!"LinkLink
SleepyWalter SharpeJul 12, 2008lurkerAfter it was learned Sharpe had narcolepsy the nickname was almost inevitable. First used by lurker, "Who cares about those fancy high-scoring sneaker-endorsing All-Star types. We've got the mysterious Sleepy Walter...the obscure Trent Plaisted...the virtually unknown Deron Washington...and maybe even long-lost Alex Acker…"LinkLink
WeezyChris WilcoxOct 28, 2008LinwoodIt appears Wilcox already had this nickname which was brought to the forum by Linwood due to his Seattle affiliation where Wilcox once played. First mention in a fantasy thread, "And, hopefully, Weezy continues his rebounding with the new OKC Thunder." In another foreshadowing thread discussion about Wilcox, Linwood says, "I watched Weezy for 2 years here in Seattle."Link 
TableclothMichael CurryMar 15, 2009Roscoe36"...took 50 games to figure out he should wear solid suits, not tablecloth prints." First referred to as 'Coach Tablecloth' by Roscoe36 on May 21.Link 
Capp SpayceFictional playerJun 25, 2009Darth Tater"So what if Orlando gets Vince Carter and Cleveland gets Shaq? Joe Dumars is going to make the jaws of every GM in the league drop when he trades down our pick and drafts Capp Spayce. I don't know much about him. Some say he has great hands and some say he is turnover prone. Some say he plays Center but some say he is most valuable as a Guard. Some say he is European and other claim he played most of his ball in the United States. But I will tell you this. Capp Spayce will be the savior of the Pistons. Just watch. In Joe we trust. What an exciting day this will be when that announcement is made. Yessir. I can't wait."Link 
DumardsJoe DumarsJul 27, 2009CarlosGallanUnintentional typo used on multiple occasions. Original quote was "we don´t know joe dumards project"Link 
BynumiteWill BynumNov 14, 2009SJAndreFirst mentioned by SJAndre in a Pistons-Mavs game thread, "Let's just hope that Bynumite/BG/ and Stuckey have a dominant game in the back court, and we bang them up on the boards."Link 
Bad Back WilcoxChris WilcoxJan 22, 2010Lee356First mentioned by Lee356 in a Pistons-Pacers game report, "But tonight, we march out bad back Tay and bad back Wilcox to start a disastrous 3rd quarter. Why does Kuester hate success?"Link 
Tayking, TaynkingTayshaun PrinceJan 30, 2010LA DreCoined in a game chat by LA Dre, "Pistons are now 1-12 in games that Tay starts or plays in. ...I coined a new word in chat called Tayking..as that is what they are doing by playing Tay." Later also referred to as 'taynking' or depicted by Tayshaun driving a tank.Link 
Charlie GarbageCharlie VillanuevaFeb 26, 2010Roscoe36First mention was by Roscoe36, "What a joke. Charlie Garbage can't even post up Ty Lawson. That's embarrassing." The nickname was later inadvertently solidified by Austin Carr a month later when Roscoe36 noticed, "These games are hilarious. The Cleveland color commentator said CV is a garbage time all star."LinkLink
Super ColliderRodney StuckeyMar 30, 2010BallDon'tLieWhile discussing Heat-Pistons pre-game thoughts DBA said, "So, either the super collider big bang experiment running today actually does cause the entire universe to cease to exist or we get the Pistons and Heat." BallDon'tLie drew the parallel to Stuckey saying, "Super Colider...ANOTHER great nickname for Rodney Stuckey."Link 
Joggin' RodneyRodney StuckeyJul 18, 2010Ernie the Slow AdultFirst mention of 'Joggin Rodney'Link 
JoggernautRodney StuckeyOct 22, 2010MogilnyFirst mention of 'Joggernaut'Link 
ISOTay, ISOTayshaun, TaysolationTayshaun PrinceJan 15, 2012alexa032 The PandaBegan as a reference to a Tayshaun Prince ISO play, but later came to be a reference to the man himself. Both 'ISOTayshaun' and 'ISOTay' were first used in the same post by Alexa032, "Hate Stuckey at PG. Hate it. Him and Tay calling for the ball and running isotayshauns killed us."
"lol at the sheer stupidity of having Greg make entry passes to IsoTay to post up player number 100000000 and miss his takes forever to launch hook shot."
First mention of 'Taysolation' by The Panda on Feb 2 2012, "Diops free throws ain't got anything on a ping pong collection like Taysolation."
HuggernautRodney StuckeyMar 05, 2012WalterFirst mention of 'Huggernaut'Link 
Mack TruckVernon MacklinMar 26, 2012BallDon'tLie"I'd go with: Mack Truck, Mack Daddy, V-Mack, Macksimus Prime, Holy Mackeral, Mack the Knife, EZ-Mack, I-Mack, Mackbook Air, Mackinac, Macksimum, Mack Attack…"
Mack Truck was the only name that stuck
Ken English, KenglishKim EnglishJun 28, 2012Mogilny TaSWhen giving out draft grades, Mogilny made a typo in English's first name "...and the SG Ken English is great shooter, intelligent and fierce defender. Sounds just perfect to me."
The first use of 'Kenglish' was by TaS on Nov 28, 2012, "How do we know that Kenglish and Middleton aren't as talented as Singler?"
On Mar 24, 2013, BallDon'tLie noted, "The Heat play-by-play guy called Kim English: "Ken" English, no less than 3 times..."



The Russian Guy, TRGSlava KravstovJul 03, 2012TaSAlias first appeared in a rotation by TaS when discussing Dwight Howard trades. Although lpgrl26 did mention 'some russian guy i've never heard of' in a post on March 23, 2008Link 
Bucket of Turd, BOTCharlie VillanuevaJul 05, 2012The PandaMonologue for why no team would want to trade for VillanuevaLink 
DrummundAndre DrummondNov 22, 2012House DressingFirst occurrence was an unintentional typo by House Dressing.
Second occurrence was Drummond sporting a misspelled jersey against Chicago on Nov 10 2014.
Teen WolfWill BynumDec 04, 2012TaS BallDon'tLieAfter BallDon'tLie pondered, "…or Joe could sign a teen wolf.", TaS replied, "Teen wolf was a point guard who played almost identically to Will Bynum." BallDon'tLie then replied, "From now on Will Bynum shall be known as Teen Wolf."Link 
StickyRodney StuckeyJul 02, 2013webzTwo unintentional typos occurred before the nickname was suggested. First by hitafreethrow on Dec 16 2010, "...all of a sudden this has turned into the Sticky: PG or NO thread."
Then by armygirl on Jul 2 2013, "Sticky and jerebko would be good for starters." webz replied, "That would be a good new nickname for Stuckey actually. Joe has him pinned to the top of the roster as a favourite thread and is never going away..."
Italian Rick Fox, IRFLuigi DatomeJul 09, 2013Linwood"He reminds me of an Italian Rick Fox."Link 
Pizza GuyLuigi DatomeJul 09, 2013BallDon'tLie"I was talking to my friend on the phone yesterday and he was just calling him "Pizza Guy"."Link 
LipstickMo CheeksOct 23, 2013MogilnyStemming from a domestic abuse investigation which was sparked by a lipstick-rimmed glass. Cheeks was first called 'Lipstick' by MogilnyLink 
CornerstoneKyle SinglerDec 22, 2014webzReferred to Singler as the team cornerstone as the Yahoo sports app team page for 2015 Pistons showed Smith, Stuckey, Bynum and Singler. Singler was the only current Pistons player at that time.Link 
Old Man Blake, OMBSteve BlakeJul 13, 2015webz basketbillsIn reference to an article posted by Roscoe about Blake being traded to Detroit, webz says, "Old man Blake just ain't what he used to be." Basketbills later says, "I'd like to call Old Man Blake OMB. Like Kentavious is KCP."Link 
BounceStanley JohnsonDec 28, 2015pass99"...another player with additional moxie (The Bounce) adds some toughness… Within this second unit, why not add something different and try some speed small ball (Hilliard, BJ, The Bounce, Morris, Bullock, Anthony)."Link 
IllyErsan IlyasovaFeb 08, 2016Roscoe36First forum usage used by Roscoe36, "Tolliver has more conventional gangster than Illy."Link 
Blue VelvetReggie JacksonMar 07, 2016TheeTFD"RJ = Blue Velvet"Link 
MeatAron BaynesMar 29, 2016TheeTFD/Rick Mahorn"SVG... went with 2 bigs as counter and it worked. Mahorn likes The Tillerman, calls him Meat, a bit of a slur, but he always credits Meat with his big plays." In reference to Baynes.Link 
BullseyeReggie BullockApr 06, 2016LA DreCoined after a game against Orlando when "...the bench scored 31 points led by Reggie Bullseye Bullock who hit 3 from deep and was the x factor..."Link 


Some nicknames weren't coined on the forum, but have become part of forum folklore.


NicknamePersonDate CoinedSourcesExplanationThread PostOther Sources
Bad P0rn?Corey MaggetteUnknownWarriors fansCreated by Warriors fans, "Sure, there’s penetration and scoring, but are you really happy with what you’re seeing?", the first mention on PF was by Mogilny, "As long as it's Daye, Tay, Bad Porn or BoT that's a goner I'm all for this."LinkLink
FabioWalter HerrmanUnknown16 MileIt appears Herrman already had the nickname before PF (unsurprisingly). First mentioned in a quoted article by 16 Mile.Link 
Super DupeRonald DupreePre-PFRasheed WallaceWhile no official documentation found, there is evidence Rasheed Wallace coined the nickname. First mention on PF was by Roscoe36, "Delfino? He's gotta compete with Super Dupe, Mo Evans and Hunter for minutes."Link 
Serbian GangsterDarko MilicicNov 20, 2005Rasheed WallaceWas actually coined by Rasheed Wallace after Darko got entangled with Dikembe Mutombo during a game. Mutombo stuck a finger in Milicic's face. Milicic never backed off. "I'm telling you, Darko is a Serbian gangster. Darko's got some bodies back there (in Serbia-Montenegro). He can go psycho on guys." Link 
Baby eaterJason MaxiellPre-PFUnknownWasn't actually coined on PF. In a video Rasheed Wallace mentioned he was called that in school. DBB produced a t-shirt in Jan 2007 that said 'Jason Maxiell eats babies'. The first mention on the forum was by LatinoKing90 who said "Maxiell is eating too much babies." in reference to an online poll where Jason Maxiell was matched up against Shane Battier.LinkLink
BucketsKyle Singler2012Kyle Singler, YoutubeDerived from Kyle Singler's college youtube videos called 'Kyle gets buckets'. A video also appeared on the Pistons website on Nov 21, 2012 explaining how Singler came to be known as 'Bucket Man'.
First reference seen was from a chat excerpt by BillLaimbeer.
Slippy: "singler does what I wanted Daye to do"
BillLaimbeer: "score buckets?"


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