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Vegas Summer League 2005 Game 1 Box Score Detroit-Phoenix

Marc Stein:ESPN Darko Game 1  :  Perry Farrell:Detroit Free Press Darko Game 1

DraftExpress Day 3 Recap (Pistons Game 1)

congoman recap  :  The_Low recap

 Darko Milicic Summer League Game 1 Predictions
DMC Game Stats 5 1 1 4 7
Average Predictions 7.1 2.8 2.8 4.7 16.1
lee357 9 3 4 - 16
bball jay 6 4 4 6 21
lazyberbs 6 3 3 - 17
TBird 8 4 4 - 21
Tally 9 3 - - 13
16andFarmington 11 3 5 - 24
jdmiser 7 2 3 6 17
basketbills 6 3 2 - 12
Dave from G-Rap 6 4 2 - 13
TheMicrowave 8 2 2 4 13
The Dark Horse 4 3 1 5 9
ZosoZep4 7 3 3 3 14
ggazoo_69 8 - 3 6 16
detteam 7 2 1 3 19
PrinceThePacerKilla 14 3 5 - 27
Massimo 8 2 4 4 15
Max 6 - 4 - 18
#1pistonfan 8 2 3 - 19
Ben Folds (avg. picks for SL) 12 3 3 - 17
armygirl (avg. picks for SL) 5 3 - - 13.6
Tally 9 3 2 4 14
Sanddunes 7 4 2 5 9
fbrougham 6 3 3 5 13
mike75 5 2 1 5 9
TaShawn 3 2 - - 30
lowpost 8 2 3 5 30
Jhazan2k2 6 - - 6 6
kgreg 6 3 2 - 13
hotsauce 5 - - - 22
tpaPistonFan 2 2 0 3 5
johnf 8 - - 4.5 15

* left out Vanilla Ice, picks were a little ridiculous 67pts, 22rbs, 4 assts, 2 steals, 5 blocks

congoman Recap

The Word from Vegas:
I just got over to an internet cafe to post my observations of the game. First, its in a small gym...almost like a high school gym. Sat in the second row next to Gar Heard.

First on Darko...he actually played pretty well. He didn't look lackadaisical at all. He is very athletic. He did get pooped out toward the end. One thing I didn't understand about Darko is that he looks go pass first. He is very much a team player. He is a good passer. He made a lot of good passes that were not turned into points. Heard was happy with him. The Sun center did not outplay him at all. He rarely scored agaist Darko. Heard said they want Darko to call for the ball more and just get more aggressive overall. The one thing I didn't like was that he didn't grab rebounds hard. He definately has to get angry at the ball more.

Defino is fine. He made several amazing drives to the hoop and constantly brought bhe ball up the court with authority. He just didn't hava good shooting night.

We have a definite winner in Maxiel. He has arms almost down to his knees. He is very quick and strong. He's like Corlis on speed. He has a nice 15 ft jumper that he hit every time. He is a very strong Ben. Other stuff...Acker is a keeper...he is very smooth at the 2. The high school kid is very athletic and long but is clearly out of his depth now. I was surprised at Glinny...he has a banged up hand and didn't play but he looks really good. Gar told me that they had him lose weight and he is now as thin as Darko. He was knocking in all of his warmup jumpers.

It was clear that our guys were instructed to play defense and team ball. The Suns were jackin it up all the time. They beat us with 3's. Thats about it.

(On sitting next to Gar Heard)
Yea, it was cool. He was sitting right next to me and was a great guy.

Dave Hanners was the coach. I would say that Delfino did have the fire. He just never tried to take the game over. Darko is much cooler. He hustled the whole time even when he was out of gas. He made one really angry move under the basket and it kind of surprised everyone. I'm sure they will tell him to do more of that.

Kurtz was on Darko most of the time but Darko just missed some short shots. Darko must have been under instructions to stick his nose in it. He did not hang around the perimiter. Acker was playing the 2. Harrington was the 1 and he shared it with Billups. He is a great dribbler ball handler but just looks so short. Amir is a little thin but very athletic. He wasn't afraid to dive right in their for rebounds. He played the 4 and should be able to handle it with some added muscle. Gotta go now...see ya tomorrow.

The_Low Recap

Dudes! I sat two rows behind Congoman. Hey man, if you remember I was there in the black pants and white button-down with blue stripes (Black guy). I was actually back there taking notes, but hell, you got to chat with Gar Heard...good deal.

You can take my observations with a grain of salt because they may conflict slightly with Congoman (not that anything he said is wrong). I'll start with order of importance (subjective)...

Ok, for the most part Darko looked extremely disinterested in the first half. He seem awfully content to just float around the perimeter and set picks hoping for a return pass for a 15 to 18 ft jumper (I don't think he got the ball in the post once - it's quite obvious LB wasn't there). He barely shot the ball and really didn't look interested in putting some muscle on anyone either. Continuing through the first half it's now the end of the 2nd Qtr and Darko has posted up a grand total of ONE time. He's also picked up 3 cheap fouls while it seems to me that everyone else on the court (both teams) gets to at least earn their fouls by knocking someone on their a$$.

Start of the 3rd Darko comes out with a lot more energy and actually posts up a few times (I overheard Gar Heard who was in the stands with Congoman reminding Phil Ford to make sure they post Darko this half). Darko is now scoring from time to time and drawing some fouls (He still needs to get that mean streak that makes him dunk HARD on people - he's still working on his Yao Ming). Best thing about the 2nd half however, is Darko does give one no namer the eye as Phoenix's player seem intent on challenging Darko's manhood and he's not f'ing around..."cause DMC ain't no punk." Darko doesn't play a ton in the fourth, but he's picked up his intensity and has at least shown that he wants to be out there. I think he'll warm up and show a little more fight in the paint on Sat.

I'll set up Delfino next.

I peeped our resident Larry Bird look-a-like, Chris McCoskey and Perry Ferrell chillin behind the bench, as well as, David Aldridge. I also spotted Mark Aguirre talkin to Joe and notable spectators included Mark Cuban, Doc Rivers, Danny Ainge, Mike Diantoni (sp?), and Alvin Gentry.

One more thing, damn Marquis Daniels is tall! I used to be able to tell these things on television. I'm even more of a hobbit than I actually thought.

I was really hoping that Delfino would come into this summer league and really take control of his destiny, well he's taken control of it alright and it's not lookin good. From the start, he's getting absolutely torched by Leandro Barbosa. Carlos seems content to simply get in defensive position, take a swipe at the ball, and then simply stand there as he is promptly beaten off the dribble (with the exception of when he reaches in and gets called for the foul).

He's getting beat by Barbosa to the point that he backs off far enough so Leandro can just launch 3's unguarded. Fortunately, Barbosa was not intent on simply launching today. Delfino was not driving to the hole consistently, but was very turnover prone when going too deep into the defense. He would either turn the ball over, or make a poor enough pass that it became a turnover anyway. There wasn't much from Carlos in the 2nd so can't really go into detail as nothing really stood out.

Into the 3pt play...turnover.....turnover....finally sticks a jumper with 3:45 left in the 4th.....turnover (my god). This guy really disappointed me today. He looked as if a) he could give a crap less about summer league or b) he hasn't picked up a ball in 2 months. I think if this guy doesn't pick it up and show something, Joe D (who appeared to be in very high spirits) is going to bounce this kid. He's got the ability, but isn't really showing anything. He should be able to embarrass a few guys in summer league, but he did not look very good today. I'll pay close attention tomorrow and hope for something better from him.

Ok, I must say that Maxiell looked pretty good from the start today. At first glance, big wide body. This guys isn't built quite like Ben, but one year in the gym with the Fro and it's OVER. This guy will put on muscle and become a monster.

Game time, this guy is a pretty good shooter from 10 to 12 ft. Teams will not be able to just walk away from this guy. He's got a reach on his jumper like Sheed; not quite the full body extension, but his arms are long enough to where he won't have to out-jump guys to get a shot up over them. He does appear to struggle (but not much) with the turn-around jumper off the block, but that's probably more a balance issue than his actual shot mechanics. He runs the floor pretty well, he won't get caught lagging behind the pack, however, he doesn't quite jump like Ben. I noticed he has a bit of trouble finishing on quick jumps (dunks) and tip jams. I'm sure there's something they can do to help him improve his verticle in that aspect. Excellent two footed jumper in the paint, though.

Maxiell played in spurts so he didn't really get extremely long minutes each time, but the kid looks good and I think once he hits the weights...LOOKOUT!

As for Harrington, he really didn't do anything to DESERVE 32 min., but he was kind of like the Brad Johnson of PGs today. He wasn't going to win the game for you, but he wasn't going to lose it for you either. He basically ran a controlled floor game as noted by his 2 Ast & 3 TO. He didn't turn the ball, but wasn't lighting anyone up for assists. He simply allowed them to run their offensive sets without getting stuck up at halfcourt. He basically just held the fort while they shuffled everyone else in and out of the lineup. He did split some of the PG duty with Delfino and Acker, but he really just brought the ball up and allowed them to run the sets. Nothing special as you can see with 1-8 shooting and 2 FT attempts.

Alex Acker...WOW. I was truly impressed with this kid. It was like watching Tayshaun Prince in another body. Now, Congoman may not agree with me on this one, but this kid is good. My first impressions were that this kid is a good pull up shooter. He seems very equipped to come off a lot of screens (a la RIP) and knock down jumpers on the move. I thought he also had the ability to pull up similar to Chauncey, but maybe with a shorter range. He looked to be able to shoot the 3 with confidence and actually knocked one down in crunch time over a defender. Acker is a good aggressive player, but still patient. I don't think this kid forced one play the entire game (i.e. Prince). I'm sold on this guy.

Defensively, I definitely see a similarity between this kid and Tayshaun. Now, granted this is only the first game but I was really impressed with his overall game. They put this guy on Barbosa a few plays and those free trips into the paint ended in a hurry. I was quite surprised that he was quick enough to stay in front of Barbosa and many of you know how quick he is. He didn't seem to be shy of physical contact although he could stand to put on a few pounds of muscle. He does look to be a bit less wiry than Prince. A few pounds of muscle on this guy and he'll be a solid addition and should make the active roster. I'm looking forward to seeing this guy play again tomorrow.

Amir Johnson:
With Amir, there's not much to say. He didn't play a ton, but with his draft position I can see where they were going. This guy is a live body in the paint and will crash the boards. However, he has a limited offensive game from what I saw today. He's decent enough where he can put the ball in the hole from the block, but that looks to be the extent of his range for now. He needs some weight training and a shot doctor and he has the physical build to remind you of J.O. That said his 12 ft jumper made my toes curl. It rivals Bill Cartwright, but lower and uglier. Ok, enough of the jokes. If he gets consistent work on his form and develops the ability to fake one way and dribble back or dribble and spin, he could be valuable. I don't see him on the active roster unless something drastic happens and I mean drastic.

Andreas Glyniadakis....NADA (DNP)

Ricky Paulding:
Personally, I was not impressed with Paulding. Now, don't get me wrong, he didn't disappoint like say Delfino. But, he didn't stand out either. In my opinion, Acker appears to be much better and would handle a backup guard position much better than Paulding. Paulding does in fact look be pretty strong, great build. He doesn't really alert you to his presence on the court. It's really strange, if you watch him, he does everything textbook. He is solid fundamentally. He does everything you expect him do to and does it right. But, that's just it. He didn't do anything more than that to get your attention or make a strong impact on the game (although he did have a pretty nice baseline drive for a two handed dunk).

I don't see this kid coming back to the states anytime soon unless he finds a way to impact games and bring some attention to himself.

Random Thoughts:
The Pistons did not work the ball into the paint at all in large stretches. I'd like to see more of it.

Stupid Outlook of the night (from the kid behind me). "Who's that guy? (Barbosa)...I like his shoes. If you got good shoes, you should be really good. If you look good, you play good. If you look good, you feel good; if you feel good, you'll play good."

I don't know what made all of PHX's big men think Darko was soft...wrong move

I honestly didn't think you could have BS officiating in a summer league game, but these guys are well on their way to being NBA Officials. They were full of crap tonight (really the 4th qtr). Their best response was "Everybody makes mistakes." No wonder they aren't NBA refs.....but they will be.

Last Thought...."I should be paid for this!" (micro: Thanks Low and congoman, this is really appreciated by everyone)