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Vegas Summer League 2005 Game 2 Box Score Detroit-Denver

The_Low Recap  :  congoman "Courtside with Gar Heard"

DraftExpress Day 4 Recap (Pistons Game 2)

 Darko Milicic Summer League Game 2 Predictions
DMC Game Stats 6 1 0 6 13
Average Predictions 6.6 2.6 2.3 4.3 13.7
lee357 8 2 2 4 12
bball jay 6 3 2 - 12
lazyberbs 7 3 2 3 13
TBird 9 2 3 4 16
Tally 9 3 - - 13
16andFarmington 6 - 3 5 11
jdmiser 6 2 3 6 21
basketbills 6 6 - - 15
Dave from G-Rap 7 3 2 - 10
TheMicrowave 6 3 1 5 12
DirtyMoney 8 3 - 4 16
ZosoZep4 6 1 2 3 11
ggazoo_69 5 2 1 4 12
detteam 8 2 2 5 13
BillLaimbeer 3 1 0 6 14
Ambidexterious 8 1 3 3 17
Max 5 3 4 - 14
#1pistonfan 7 3 4 4 21
Sanddunes 7 3 2 4 10
Ben Folds (avg. picks for SL) 12 3 3 - 17
armygirl (avg. picks for SL) 5 3 - - 13.6
Winless Wonders 4 2 2 4 10
hotsauce 4 3 2 - 11

Game Recap Courtesy of The_Low

Ok guys, I just got back from the arse whooping we took today and before I give the goods I must start here:

They have GOT to do someting about these officials. They officially ruined my experience today. Now, I don't believe that we lost today because of the officials, but I did not pay $25 dollars to watch these a-holes dish out 12 fouls between Maxiell and Darko by halftime. These idiots are well on their way to becoming NBA officials with the amount of BS I saw today. They even gave Hanners a TECH. A FREAKIN TECH in Summer League! I sat and watched Denver hack their way into multiple fast breaks while our big guys got repeatedly called for breathing. I actually overheard one of these idiots personal account of Maxiell as (and I quote), "This guy's out there killin people." That was complete BS and without a doubt untrue. I fully expect this moron to be employed by the League post haste.

Ok, I've got my rant out of the way. I will now commence with the reca....oops, I mean LOW-cap.

There will be much less from me in game two because I really had to fill in the blanks from game one with guys that none of us had seen or heard of.

That said, I'll work on the format from game one:

I'm quickly becoming a card carrying member of the "Ship Darko Somewhere While He Still Has Value Club." I will be perfectly honest. He came out with alot more fire and energy this game then before, but today quickly became "the Best and Worst of Darko Milicic." Darko did start the game with a couple of strong moves in the post from which he scored on one or both if I remember correctly. He's posting strong physically and taking ground from the defender (good sign). However, on D he refused to challenge shots aggressively. He's still kind of putting up a hand not really jumping and not making ANY effort to block shots at the rim and I mean NONE.

Through the second quarter, he was intent on proving his 20 jumper (by my count he was 1-4 3/4 of the way through the 2nd and by my count, which may not be accurate, took about 8 jumpers). I'm really getting tired of this fadeaway jumpshot crap. Other than that, he's just being called for a lot of silly, cheap fouls that no one else seems to have to worry about. Slightly biased if you ask me. On defense, Darko seems to be drifting a bit (sort of like he did on offense, yesterday). He's switching alot and leaving smaller players to guard big men in the post.

By the 4th, Darko is getting some rebounds and actually finished strong with a two hand dunk with the foul on one (good showing), but then promplty goes to standing around on D and literally watching guys drive to the rim without so much as making a move towards them. He's not posting AT ALL (but in his defense, he's not seeing the ball much. Yet that could be attributed to his not attempting for post position). He's much more aggressive and active, but not putting forth the effort on defense today. Disappointing. I give him points for bringing more energy today, but his play is slightly disappointing me.

Darko passed the ball VERY WELL today, also.

Alright as far as the 1st quarter goes. There's not much from Delfino as he's not really involved. I don't think he's half-stepping, but he's not really asserting himself. I will say through the 2nd quarter, he's a little more involved. He's cut down on the turns, or at the very least, he's not forcing the ball into the teeth of the defense. He's a bit more controlled today. He's still struggling a bit on D. I watche him get caught watching while a Denver player came right in a took a rebound in front of him and he was 3 ft from the hoop. I also notice that he got stuck up at half court (actually fouled and knocked down), they didn't call anything and he kind of pouted for the next minute or so and into the time out (LB would have yanked him immediately for that).

In the 3rd Delfino finally picks a few spots and goes to the rim hard. Gets a 2 hand dunk with the foul on one play and drives in for a nice one handed dunk in the half court set. He actually looks like he belongs out there today.

Through the 4th, he's not doing much and actually sitting a bit. He did tweak an ankle/calf/knee or something and came out, but went right back in so I think it's ok. That's about all we see from Uno Los today. Not outstanding, but far better than yesterdy's outing.

Through the first and second quarters this guy is really hitting the boards well and finishing at the basket. He's put down some monster dunks today...HARD. It seems like everytime this guy leaves the floor they call him for something. Maybe he should put on a Denver jersey and then he wouldn't get the calls against him.

I don't have alot on Maxiell today because this guy was simply solid. I honestly expect him to see some PT this year if he shows well in practices. I think they will need to work with him on avoiding contact. Especially since the league is trying to legislate contact out of the sport. But I will tell you this, Maxiell is backing down from no one. He and Ben should have some classic battles. Didn't shoot as many jumpers today, but did knock down a couple. Did most of his damage around the basket.

Alex Acker:
For my money, I'd take Acker and bounce Delfino at this point. This kid is solid. He's a really good shooter. Acker started the game well and as a whole, the team ran alot more today. He's running the floor very well and is finding teamates on the break with ease.

I noticed a few of you wondering about his assist totals. To be perfectly honest, our offense came to a halt when this guy was on the bench. He's not getting the assists because after they have run the offense to a dead stop, Acker bails them out. He usually is only getting the ball for an open jumper once everyone else on the defense has collapsed into the lane. Or, he is receiving the ball when no one else can get anything going and he had to stop and pop or drive and shoot. Now, he's not a prolific scorer, but when he gets the ball it's generally a very solid correct decision and 2 pts. If he's open count it. He will dunk on the break as shown by the nice two hand drop he put down today. I really like this kid. He had a couple turns today, but nothing that would make you worry.

Maxiell has been as advertised, but Acker is stealing the show for this squad. Now granted, the game may not come this easy for him against the NBA best, but he has a very solid foundation and it's almost like we just got a smaller Tayshaun Prince. This kid has a little muscle on him too, so it's just a matter of whether or not he can bring it to the 1st teamers as well, because he's is in control in summer league.

Junior Harrington:
As far as Harrington goes, there's nothing new to tell. They called a few things against him today that were BS, but I think that was the theme for today's game. Again, there was nothing spectacular about him. He ran a solid floor game again, but the stats my not look like it since we got creamed. His problem is similar to Paulding's in that he doesn't really do anything to distinguish himself from the pack. But definitely solid and reliable.

Final Thoughts:
-It appears the league agrees that other teams should get to hack us while we get called for breathing in the Summer League as well as the Regular Season.

-At one point, Denver was up 45-38 and it was solely based on FT's....that's dumb

-There wasn't much action for long stretches of this game. The officials made sure of that. But, even when they weren't calling anything, there seemed to be huge gaps in action

-Biggoted thought of the day: Hawaiians are really really slow behind the concession stand

-Darko 6 fouls / Maxiell 7 fouls @ 3:30 of 3rd Qtr (Maxiell played sparingly after that because every foul after your 7th in SL results in a tech

-Denver padded their lead by dropping a couple lucky 3's too

-The trap is KILLING these guys (4 straight turns)

-Stupid Outlook of the day (from the lady behind me): "Oooh, that was a nice....wait....I'm not rooting for them (Detroit) [says to son]...that's who you want to win, so I'mma root for the other team."

Well gentlemen and ladies, that does it for me. Unfortunately the rest of Detroit's games are early afternoon and I'm not able to get out of work early enough to get to them all. But, after it's all said and done, I hope I've been able to give you all some insight as to the goings on in Summer League so far. Let me know if you have more questions and I'll answer as much as I can.

PEACE!!!! It's the D!!!!!

congoman's report aka "Courtside with Garfield Heard"

I read some of Low's comments and agree with some and disagree with others. The game was messed up with referees in training. Aside from a few dead spots I think Darko played very aggressively, at both ends. So did Delfino...he was really busting his butt. He went down with a knock to the knee, came out of the game and went right back in slashing to the bucket. I was very encouraged. He has trouble with his footwork on defense. Maybe he should go to one of those cornerback camps.

Darko was very aggressive on defense. He is very quick to dart out and back on the pick and roll. I swear he blocked 3 shots though the sheet says 1. He had some lulls. Right now he is thinking pass first and always dishing off to somebody else. At the end of the game with they were making a charge he finally started looking for the shot. When he does that he is very good.

I thought everyone but Darko, Delfino, Maxiel and Acker stunk it up. Little Billups was trapped everytime he tried to bring it out. It was pitiful. Maxiel is a monster...very aggressive. Acker is very fast and mobile and shoots a good looking 3.

I don't look for wins in these games...I look for how our important guys perform. Our 4 important guys performed well. I bitched to Gar Heard that I thought Darko held the ball too low at times and gets stripped a lot. He said, "Give the kid a break, these are the only 2 games he's played in almost 2 years, he's doing fine."