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Vegas Summer League 2005 Game 3 Box Score Detroit-Denver

congoman "Courtside with Gar Heard"  :  kcinthed at the game

DraftExpress Day 6 Recap (Pistons Game 3)

 Darko Milicic Summer League Game 3 Predictions
DMC Game Stats 4 0 2 6 7
Average Predictions 6.5 2.5 2.3


lee357 10 3 1 4 16
bball jay 8 3 3 6 20
lazyberbs 10 2 2 4 15
TBird 8 2 3 4 17
Tally 7 2 2 8 17
16andFarmington 11 2 3 - 21
jdmiser 7 2 2 6 15
basketbills 2 4 2 7 3
Dave from G-Rap          
TheMicrowave 6 2 1 5 15
DirtyMoney 8 3 3 4 16
ZosoZep4 6 2 1 4 14
ggazoo_69 7 2 1 5 10
detteam 8 1 4 4 15
BillLaimbeer 5 5 5 5 5
Ambidexterious 8 5 3 4 17
Max 4 3 4 - 24
Ben Folds (avg. picks for SL) 2 3 3 - 17
armygirl 5 2 3 6 10
Winless Wonders          
hotsauce 5 4 - 5 13
dudster 5 1 1 6 8
fbrougham 6 2 - 5 13
Swish 8 3 1 4 16
johnf 6 3 3 - 16
lemonpen 5 1 3 6 14
LJII926 7 4 2 7 17
Pastor Flournoy 9 1 3 - 17
PistonFan 6 2 3 7 18
Mercury 4 - 2 5 8
Buckeyes#1 6 1 1 5 11
mike75 5 2 1 5 11
CeeGrif 6 4 2 6 16

congoman's report aka "Courtside with Garfield Heard"

Maxiell is the real deal. He played the 4 all game and covered Kaman and another 7 footer alot. He not only has long arms but has some hops as well. He has a good feel around the basket and a nice (but flat)12 footer.

Darko played much better than the stats. He got backed into the basket by Kaman 3 times in a row but other than that they played pretty even. Darko is not afraid to mix up even with a clown like Kaman. I talked with one of his countrymen...Zarko Caabarkapa, who plays for Golden State. He played agaist Darko in Serbia. He said that Darko is a great player...he just hasn't showed it yet. He said we will be very happy with Darko when he finally gets comfortable.

After seeing him really play for 3 games I am comfortable that he does have heart, hutle and I have seen the skills. He is a little inexperienced (Kaman has probably played 120 more NBA games than Darko) but that will come with playing time. If he played significant minutes all season long, he would do pretty well against Shaq because he is quick enough to front him and to intercept the lobs.

It looked like Delfino quit shooting. He still hustled up and down the floor but I don't know what's with him.

If the Clippers don't keep Jobey Thomas, we should pick him up...he is a 2 who is not only a pretty good on the ball defender but he was automatic with his 3's at the end of the game. Gotta Go...Peace y'all

kcinthed at the game

For anyone that is intrested, Darko did get torched by Kaman. Thats not to say he's a scrub, but Kaman looks as good as ever. He's come a long long way since his early school days. He flat out took it to Darko. At one point after 3 or 4 Kaman buckets straight at the rim in # 31's grill DM looked just completely disintrested. He looked tired and winded for a good part of the game. Once Maxiel and Amir got rolling, it was like he wanted to prove he was the man. Almost like he felt he was better than everybody else. During one timeout the team was huddled up but young Darko just passes everybody and walks down to the end of the court to get water, even walking away from Mike Abdanour. The absolute worst thing he did though was about mid 3rd quarter, Acker made a nice baseline move off of a pick and roll with Darko , and got right under the basket, and instead of cutting or even looking at the rim, he turned his back and started up the floor. Luckily Aker drew a foul, but could you imagine what would happen if Chauncey hit him in the back 6 feet from the hole.

Come on. Although he made a couple of nice moves, he needs a whole lot more effort on a consistant basis. But as of yesterday, IMHO he is not ready. I love him though I even wore my Darko jersey to try and represent. So don't tag me as a Darko hater, but I must say I was really dissapointed in the effort yesterday.

Maxiel is an absolute force on the block. He's an athletic Corliss with heart on D Amir Johnson although young is no pushover. He Boards with the bigs, he patrols the paint I saw two nice blocks from the weakside as though he has been watching a lot a Big Ben footage, and can flat out jump out of the gym. I was really impressed with his desire. He plays with a serious passion. Going after loose balls, banging down low and just playing like he belonged.

Acker really didn't show much. He's quick and has a nice stroke, he just didn't show much out there. Billups and Paulding pushed point for the most part. Rickey Paulding just kind of looked out of place. He had a couple nice passes but nothing spectacular to note.