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2007/2008 Season Preview - Charlotte Bobcats

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by mikhail1973, Oct 10, 2007.

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    Season 2006/2007

    Record 33-49

    The team didn’t have a single player who would’ve played in at least 80 games. Sean May can’t get any luck with injuries at all. But injuries are a part of NBA long grueling season, and Charlotte will have to deal with them. From the individual players perspective it was a mixed bag. Okafor and Wallace had good seasons and played solid defensively (11th and 7th during the vote for the defensive player of the year). During the final third of the season Walter Herrmann finally showed why he is in the league. However, the development of Raymond Felton lags somewhat behind Chris Paul and Deron Williams so far. When the three were drafted analysts opinions on their potential varied a lot. At the same time Paul started out like rocket, Williams joined him in his second season, but Felton is now falling behind. Also, looks like Morrison is grasping the concept that NBA is not a college playground and that you have to perform at the high level all the time to earn minutes. Hopefully, he understand that the college theatrics will not get him anywhere and that NBA already has plenty of that. He needs to consistently produce if he wants to remain in the rotation.



    Team drafted Brandan Wright, who was shipped to Golden State in Jason Richardson trade.

    Key Trades

    Jason Richardson from Golden State joined the team in a trade. He is strong, gifted, and entertaining (if not always consistent) swingman. He will definitely make the team stronger; Bobcats never had a player of his caliber. He is very diverse on offense. He can take the defender off the dribble, can take it to the hole and finish, and he loves the turnaround jumpers, which are virtually impossible to defend. Sometimes he falls in love with those jumpers too much and when they don’t fall he seems to struggle. He is also one of the better fast break finishers in the NBA. Richardson and Wallace are going to create many mismatches running on the opposite side of the court. Team also took on Richarson’s hefty salary which could make it difficult for the team to go after the free agents in the future.

    Free agent Brevin Knight, who played for the team, signed with LA Clippers. His loss may be significant since the Bobcats are a very young team and Knight was an experienced leader and so-called floor general.

    Offseason grade: B

    Season 2007/2008

    Team has a new coach and a new player who, I assume, is going to try to fill a role of a leader. Therefore the game that team is playing should change. How will it change? I think they are going to be more entertaining, and they will run more. But other than that it is hard to assertain since Sam Vincent is a new figure in the NBA and a virtual unknown as a coach.

    The team is very young. They have no adequate backup for Felton. And he’s still too inconsistent (38% field goal percentage and averages about 3 turnovers per game along with 7 assists).

    Richardson-Wallace-Okafor should be one of the best rebounding trios in the NBA and they should be good defensively.

    Even with Richardson trade and emergence of Wallace, this team is still built around Okafor. He’s still one of the best rebounders and shot-blockers in the NBA. He doesn’t turn the ball over much and is very effective in the paint and around the basket. If he can remain injury-free, he could probably compete with likes of Dwight Howard for the title of the best young forward/center in the NBA.

    The team has a very interesting bench with three different but effective swingmen – Morrison, Carroll, and Anderson. Anderson is more experienced, Morrison is more passionate. Herrmann and May are great around the basket. Either one could become a starter which will move Okafor to center.

    Player to watch: Walter Herrmann

    Looked awesome at the finish of the regular season. According to 82games.com Herrmann-Felton was the most effective duo on the team. Their games complement each other’s – one is playing under the basket, while the other attacks from the mid- to long-range.

    Bottom Line

    40+ wins if the team can remain healthy (which is a big question mark given their injury history).

    Playoffs – maybe
    Championship - no

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