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2007/2008 Season Preview - Philadelphia 76ers

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by mikhail1973, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. mikhail1973

    mikhail1973 All-Star Administrator 2x Fantasy Champion

    Mar 23, 2007
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    Kiev - Farmington Hills, MI - Santa Clara, CA
    Season 2006/2007

    Record 35-47

    During the past season the team got stuck in between the phases. Cheeks’ team didn’t make the playoffs, but at the same time they weren’t getting more chances at a higher draft pick. While the other teams were mailing it in at the end of the season hoping to snatch Greg Oden or Kevin Durant, young Philly team kept winning games and ended up ninth in the conference.



    Thaddeus Young. This is a good choice by the team. He is a talented swingman who is a hard worker and highly disciplined. In addition, he possesses an important element - sports aggression. It would be difficult to expect a quick start from the guy, but he’ll keep improving and eventually make his way into the starting 5.

    Key Trades

    Acquired: Reggie Evans (from Denver), signed Kelvin Booth (Washington).

    In nowadays Philly team after departure of Webber the team only had one big man – Dalembert, whose presence on the court always depended on his ability to collect personal fouls. Now they will also have Reggie Evans, who will spend sufficient time on the court to reduce team’s reliance on Dalembert. Evans actually looks like a blast from the past – typical 80’s-90’s power forward who could dribble, couldn’t shoot from anywhere more than a couple of feet from the basket, but who wasn’t asked to do all those things. However, he perfected his main assignment – rebounding and play under the basket. He is one of the stronger rebounders in the NBA and it is virtually impossible to move him in the post or under the basket.
    Left: Steven Hunter and Bobbie Jones to Denver. Joe Smith to Bulls. Team did not extend an offer to Alan Henderson.

    Offseason grade: B

    Season 2007/2008

    The team has built a reputation as a low scoring team that is in the bottom third of the league in 3-point shooting and assists. It doesn’t look to change much in the upcoming season. There are definite benefits to Iverson and Webber leaving, they are monetary as well as team’s psyche wise. But there’s one thing that is clear as day – Philly lacks offensive players. Miller doesn’t attack often. Iguodala will be receiving more attention from the defenders like double-teams during the deciding moments and the best opposing defender from the git go. Korver can shoot the rock, but he can’t get it done one-on-one. Dalembert and Evans can only score around the hoop on dunks and lay-ups. And that is under the assumption that they have no opposition. Considering the presence of the young and fast and considering that team struggles in the half court set offensive sets, Cheeks will have his team running and trying to finish on the fast-breaks.

    Very quickly Iguodala went from the fourth option on the team to the face of the franchise. He didn’t get flustered. He played heavy minutes and sometimes produced some crazy numbers. All of a sudden he started hitting the mid-range jumpers, and he was getting his teammates involved. Almost every week he was flirting with triple-doubles. He grew from a defensive specialist with a limited offensive potential into a player able to solve more complex tasks. If he can keep developing at the same pace – the league will welcome another superstar.

    Note of importance

    Andre Miller. He doesn’t have a dependable shot, but can get to the rim. He is not incredibly fast but can run a very effective fast break. He won’t make highlight reel with his passes, but he will keep his teammates involved and is a true team player. He is probably one of the better pure point guards in the NBA. Philly is Andre’s fourth team. But in all his time in the league he only missed a total of 5 games.

    Bottom Line

    This is a changed team. The team now belongs to itself, not to the individuals. The team can play a spoiler role because now the players are concentrating on the basketball rather then defining who is #1 on the team.

    Playoffs – most likely not
    Championship – definitely not

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