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Advanced League 2007-2008 : Week 06 Preview

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Central' started by Warthog, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Warthog

    Warthog Starter

    Sep 1, 2005
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    Washington, MI
    sorry for the delay. i will base my predictions on individual players for each team

    Warthog's Wackjobs 2 (24-21-0) vs. Winless Hustlers (25-20-0)

    Carlos Boozer is way better than John Salmons. By that completely infallible logic, the Wackjobs win 9-0.

    Motown Prides (24-20-1) vs. MC Jammer Pants (21-24-0)

    Gilbert Arenas vs. Jared Dudley? Please. Gilbert dominates that guy, irregardless of his injury, so Jammer Pants win 9-0.

    M*A*S*H*E*D (18-27-0) vs. webz wombatz (29-15-1)

    Darko vs. anyone is a mismatch. Tater has the next Jordan, and easily wins 9-0.

    Rancho Drebabys (25-18-2) vs. The Pastor's Year (22-23-0)

    Looks like Pastor is actually setting his lineups again, so let's take McDyess and his sweet FG% against Lebron James. I mean, look at Dre, he's so irresponsible that he hasn't dropped Lebron even though he's injured. Jokes on you Dre! Pastor wins 9-0.

    Three-peat #1 (23-22-0) vs. Mr. VanSmack (17-27-1)

    Both teams are carrying injured players like they are going out of style. But Dwyane Wade is fat and can't even spell his own name right, so he loses. Mr. VanSmack wins 9-0.

    Loanshark (25-20-0) vs. Sour Notes (22-22-1)

    I was looking at this matchup to compare players, but instead I had to compare avatars. Loanshark...blue hair? Both of you...glasses? Nerds. You both lose 0-9.

    16 Mile (20-25-0) vs. The Pink Slips (16-29-0)

    Again I got distracted and didn't compare single players. 16 Mile is well-balanced with players' last names, a good mix of vowels and consonants. Slippy has only consonants. 16 Mile can form phrases like 'Fame, Ho Man' while Slippy is stuck with 'BbbbSJgWrhm'. No contest - 16 Mile wins 9-0.

    Himat's Team (22-23-0) vs. Rapid Ralphies (24-21-0)

    Himat has 11 guys with little yellow stickers next to their name, while Rapid has 10, and an 8-4 advantage with the little red marks next to the stickers. That adds up to a 9-0 victory for Himat.
  2. MotownPride

    MotownPride Team Captain 2x Fantasy Champion

    Sep 6, 2005
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    Tampa, Florida
    Wart, you are a crazy dude. :pound:

    I like when you predict losses for me though, just means I win by a bigger margin.
  3. Pwn Toney

    Pwn Toney All-Star Forum Donor

    Aug 14, 2005
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    Portland, OR
    You WILL be made to suffer.:makmiday:

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