AI:Statistically Best Active Player But It Looks Different Now

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by permaximum, Dec 5, 2008.

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    Sounds nice and certainly he has done it before. These things don't come from a wishful perception during the game when you throw a switch on auto-pilot and presto!, you are a scoring machine. This only happens when you are expected and have a mind set agreement from the team to lead everything in this direction.

    This team has settled into a certain comfort zone that accepts equal participation for all...which can also mean that an equal acquiescence is also a comfort level when the clan is not rising to the occasion. Over the last few years (and the remnants are still heavily present), these players are abnormally cautious about delving out any criticism among themselves. Anyone foolishly stepping out of this comfort zone is ordained a troublesome fellow. Only Dyess, who wears his heart on his sleeve, is verbally/emotionally upset with himself and the team. This old warrior can no longer lead by example, so his voice is muted over the noise of inconsistency (accountability).

    So we get back to the beginning point. Yes, AI could lead, but it would have to be with a different group mentality. Can they change? I am doubtful. JD has waited too long for incremental tweaking and now a whole new phase of mashing is about to be brought forth.

    I believe that Curry needs to keep experimenting with certain combinations and I hope he does not give up on certain combinations on the defensive end (like the zone). Six minute increments and different combinations can make things more transparent as the season progresses. JD and the organization needs to understand certain patterns: they need to identify certain aspects that is talent visible and separate it from what stays the same.
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    An article about the AI/taking over stuff (with some CB stuff so skip over the first 2 paragraphs if you want to ignore it)

    DETNEWS | Weblog | Pistons Blog

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    I'd be extremely shocked if AI doesn't figure out a way to contribute more positively to this team. A defense 101 refresher course wouldn't hurt...
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    Iverson will start playing better and I also think that the only way to get Stucky experience is to start giving him some.

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