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Eastern Conference Moves

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by himat, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. himat

    himat Bench Warmer

    Sep 9, 2005
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    The East looks wide open as of now. You have 5 or possibly 6 teams that will contend to get to the Finals.

    Miami: So far has made absolutly no changes. No draft picks and they've resigned Alonzo, and The Glove. Usually when teams stay the way they are they don't get much further.

    Cleveland: Cleveland also hasn'e moves, but they have drafted Shannon Brown. Remember that a healthy Larry Hughes will be back next season however Hughes has had only 1 great season and that was in 05.

    New Jersey: New Jersey has Kidd, VC, RJ, and now Kristic. They now have drafted Boone to solidify the PF spot, and have also drafted Marcus Williams. The Nets will be back and fighting next year.

    Chicago: Good old Chi town. Yes they got Ben, but will that get the Bulls from 1st round exit to winning the Eastern Conference? I just don't think Ben is that good. You have to remember that Chicago drafted Tyrus Thomas, and unless they make Ben play center and make Brown come off the bench Tyrus will have less pt to develop.

    Indiana: This team if healthy can put up a fight. They should make a couple more moves though because they have lost peja and have got nothing in return.

    Detroit: We'll keep track of our team, but even though we lost Ben I think we could see our team back in the Finals if Flip coaches good in the playoffs for once.
  2. lapiston

    lapiston All-Star

    Sep 6, 2005
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    I don't see how we get back to the finals unless Miami has some sort of problem with the age of its centers. But Miami can just cruise during the regular season so that is unlikely.

    I am surprised Cleveland hasn't done anything yet.

    It is more likely that we go out early rather than get to the finals. I think we are just above the other teams (except Miami) but just barely. Not any room for error. And someone is going to have to really step up big for us.
  3. dba

    dba All-Star Moderator 2x Fantasy Champion Forum Donor

    Jan 24, 2006
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    Ann Arbor
    Miami - got to be the odds on favorite. They're more experienced and should know what it takes to win. But, everyone is older and you have to wonder how much more Wade can do. The 'ship jinx could hit them hard.

    Cleveland - Hughes is back, but as you say, hadn't exactly figured out how to play with LBJ when he wasn't hurt. The big Z guy is older and even slower if that's possible. If Gooden walks, which I assume is still a real possibility, it will be hard for the Cavs to keep up unless they add someone.

    New Jersey - Made a great run in the last couple of months last season to make things respectable, but Kidd is not getting better, Jefferson has peaked, and who knows about Vince. Hard for NJ to come out of the east.

    Indiana - Still could build a team this summer with Harrington and Wells. Those moves and maybe finding a place to dump Hunter would make Indy a strong contendor. No moves and they fall off the map (if it is possible to fall off even further than Indy).

    Chicago - No clue. It all rides on how the jumpers fall. I'd give them plus five games over last year. And a playoff collapse.

    Detroit - My guess is middle 50s in wins, edging into second or third for the playoffs. Even without Ben, I'm finding it hard not to put them with the next best chance after Miami.

    And how about...

    Boston - o.k., maybe not.
    Washington - maybe so. They could have easily taken Cleveland out this Spring. LBJ may not have signed the extension, Pistons may have faced the Heat on a couple of days rest. Don't count out le wiz.

    I'd say...

    1. Miami
    2. Detroit
    3. Cleveland
    4. Washington
    5. Chicago
    6. Milwaukee
    7. Orlando
    8. Indiana

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