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ESPN Joe Dumars Interview April 5 2007

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by lurker, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. lurker

    lurker First Round Draft Pick

    Oct 19, 2005
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    San Diego
    Chad Ford talked to Joe D. this week. You can listen to it in a browser window here, or download it as an mp3 here.

    here's quick summary--not verbatim

    [Which team is a bigger challenge, Bulls or Cavs?]
    both are a big challenge, we've been at the top of the East since the Carlisle era
    challengers come and go, they are fired up to knock you off the perch

    [Webber's production]
    when Webber first got here, we went to him a lot
    Flip and I don't want to wear him down so we're limiting his minutes and touches--last year our guys got worn down in the playoffs

    McDyess is just 32--his play isn't a surprise
    our frontline isn't that old--much younger than Miami's

    to return to finals, we need a sense of urgency--it's hard to do for 82 straight games

    you have to be ready to battle--when you're at the top of the conference for six years, you have to constantly fight off the challengers--we have to be prepared to face that every night in the playoffs

    [Pistons have a lot of techs, especially Sheed and Rip, but the fewest fouls]
    we have guys who have fallen into that
    sometimes one of our guys get a tech and I tell him he deserved it, and there are times I completely disagree, and it's because of our reputation
    it hasn't stopped us from competing

    [is it poor sportsmanship?]
    sometimes it is--my job is to tell my guys you can handle this in a better way

    [hot seat question: presidential politics]
  2. Play On Players

    Play On Players First Round Draft Pick

    Apr 4, 2006
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    Quite a bit of information there. I didn't even know we committed the fewest fouls in the league (though I did know we are a large step ahead in techs :) ). I'm always learning something new when I visit this site...

    I thought it was rather unprofessional of this interviewer to not know how old McDyess is. Also, doesn't Rip have 15 techs now? Or did one of those from the Bulls game get recinded?

    I agree with Mr. Dumars in that we need to get that sense of urgency to make it back to the Finals. I would love to see that killer instinct we seemed to possess last year during the regular season when we had near perfect execution on both ends of the floor when it mattered most. Hopefully the team learned a little som'in som'in (I don't know how you would spell that but hopefully everyone knows what I mean) from last season's playoffs. While most teams wouldn't want to play us in the first round, it seems we haven't succeeded in instilling a sense of fear in our foe during this regular season.

    I also hope the players learned something from their latest loss and we'll see a whole different team on Sunday when we play the Cavs.

    P.S. I can't believe the Cavs/Wizards game played tonight was that close! I've heard this theory among Pistons fans about how the Cavalier organization is trying to be just like the Pistons. Perhaps allowing a "weaker" team hang around is just further proof of such allegations...

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