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Fun Draft Facts

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by Griffin, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Griffin

    Griffin First Round Draft Pick

    Sep 1, 2005
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    Q: Can you list the current Detroit Piston players in the order they were drafted (not by year, but by overall draft selection. For example, if we were doing this for Miami, Shaq [drafted 1st overall] would come before DWade [4th overall])?

    (Scroll down for answer)

    - Antonio McDyess (2nd pick, 1995)
    - Chauncey Billups (3rd pick, 1997)
    - Rasheed Wallace (4th pick, 1995)
    - Richard Hamilton (7th pick, 1999)
    - Lindsey Hunter (10th pick, 1993)
    - Dale Davis (13th pick, 1991)
    - Kelvin Cato (15th pick, 1997)
    - Tony Delk (16th pick, 1996)
    - Tayshaun Prince (23rd pick, 2002)
    - Carlos Delfino (25th pick, 2003)
    - Jason Maxiell (26th pick, 2005)
    - Amir Johnson (56th pick, 2005)
    - Alex Acker (60th pick, 2005)
    - Ben Wallace (undrafted, 1996)
    - Mo Evans (undrafted, 2001)

    *I still can't believe Billups - a 3rd overall pick - was traded so many times. I mean, when you look at some of the guys he was traded for...it makes you shake your head (Traded by Nuggets with G/F Ron Mercer, F Johnny Taylor and draft considerations to Orlando Magic for F/C Chris Gatling, F Tariq-Abdul-Wahad, a future first-round draft pick and cash considerations (February 1,2000).

    *If you listed the current Pistons from a generic, from Best-to-Worst list, would it resemble the list above (of course not in the case of Ben Wallace, and the 2005 class shouldn't even be considered)?
  2. professor

    professor Bench Warmer Forum Donor

    Nov 17, 2005
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    Not a generic best to worst list, but my own sense of their value to the team (i.e. a bad performance from my tops on the list most hurts our chances to win the average game) (and with their draft order in parenthesis following):

    1.Ben (T14)
    2.Chauncey (2)
    3.Sheed (3)
    4.Rip (4)
    5.Dyess (1)
    6.Tay (9)
    7.Lindsey (5)
    8.Carlos (10)
    9.Evans (T14)
    10.Delk (8)
    11.Davis (6)
    12.Cato (7)
    13.Maxiell (11)
    14.Johnson (12)
    15.Acker (13)

    Through a sophisticated formula (draft pick - my ranking) I have arrived at the following "serendipity index", which provides a scientific indication of which players we are luckiest to have (and for the sake of precision, and with the aid of powerful FBI mainframes, I've performed calculations to the nearest 1/10,000 of a point).

    1.Ben = 13.0000 SI [Serendipity Index]
    2.Evans = 5.0000
    3.Tay = 3.0000
    4.Carlos = 2.0000
    T5.Chauncey, Sheed, Rip = 0.0000
    T8.Lindsey, Delk, Maxiell, Johnson, Acker = -2.0000
    13.Dyess = -4.0000
    T14. Cato, Davis = -5.0000

    I just think it's really critical to have this kind of information going into the playoffs, and for it to be accurate and built upon an absolutely sound, scientific, statistical basis.

    you're welcome.

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