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Hope for Ben Gordon

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by webz, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. webz

    webz All-Star Snub Administrator 4x Fantasy Champion Forum Donor

    Sep 1, 2005
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    Melbourne, Australia
    I really hope Ben Gordon was paying close attention during the finals.

    I haven't ever been a big Jason Terry fan, but he has proven a lot of people wrong and stepped up his game this season, particularly in the finals. He and Ben share a lot of similarities. They share their biggest weakness - defense - which has been the number 1 reason why us fans are on the fence on whether we can be successful with BG as our 2 guard. Some have left him off the list of keepers/future rosters purely for this reason.

    Where both players were considered a match a couple of seasons ago, Terry has now elevated his game above Ben's. Ben is still a shooter, where Terry is now a scorer and facilitator. Note, there IS a difference between shooter and scorer.

    The next coach of the Pistons should hopefully notice what Terry did and try to help Gordon become that player. No longer acceptable is just running around coming off screens and shooting. Ben needs to have the ball in his hands more. If that means he needs to work on his ball-handling - do it. Terry's new success came in the form of the high pick n roll. And not just looking to come off it and shoot. But by coming off looking to drive, looking to score, and looking for open teammates.

    Put Ben in a similar situation and good things will happen. I know Ben can pass the ball - I've seen it. He does still make bad decisions and turn the ball over. But give him a good situation and not a scramble offense and I think he can improve a lot and be an important piece of this jigsaw.

    Secondly, Terry is still not a very good one on one defender - we all know that. But he has active hands, he'll poke away and steal his share of balls. He'll be a bit of a pest and get in his opponents face. He plays with a chip on his shoulder, whether that's more self-perceived than from outside influences is debatable. It doesn't matter - it makes him a better player. There's no excuse why Ben should be a worse defender than Terry.

    Zone defense? Yes, it helps him a great deal. We all kind of pull a sour face when we hear that term, but Dallas showed it can be effective and I think more teams will seriously look to integrate some form of it for stretches next season. This is good for Ben. I hear Dwayne Casey's name being floated around just today. This is something you might just have to get used to.

    Before the finals started Jason Terry went to sleep in a pair of Miami Heat shorts. Every night this off-season Ben Gordon should be sleeping in a pair of Jason Terry's shorts.
  2. pass99

    pass99 All-Star Forum Donor

    Aug 6, 2006
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    I like this approach. It might be wise to understand personality approaches and in what form an individual gains confidence. Certainly it starts with the right system (and those many cultural artifacts), the right coach, how individual team members react and accept responsibilities. JD does not have a clue in any of these perceptions. This is problem #1.

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