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LeBron Sweepstakes? maybe not!

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by Ozarkruffrider, Dec 20, 2008.

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    May 7, 2006
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    Report: LeBron open to signing early extension - USATODAY.com
    Report: LeBron open to signing early extension

    CLEVELAND (AP) — LeBron James said he'll consider signing an extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer, well before he enters the free-agent market in 2010.
    "You play out the season of course; I will consider it," James told The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer before the team practiced in Denver on Saturday. "The direction we are headed is everything I expected and more."
    James, under contract for two more seasons, can hit the free-agent market on July 1, 2010. There has long been speculation James will eventually end up in one of the NBA's larger markets — particularly with the New York Knicks.
    The Cavaliers (22-4) have the second-best record in the NBA.
    "I definitely want to keep an open mind, I will look at everything," James said. "(The extension) is a good point. I think me and my group have pretty much made good decisions so far and we'll look at the options and go from there."

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