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Net worth: NBA owner $

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by LanierFan, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. LanierFan

    LanierFan Bench Warmer

    Sep 1, 2005
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    Who are the league's real money men? Paul Allen isn't that far off from topping the rest of the league combined, with a $20 billion pot. (Every loser's dream story - Allen left Microsoft in 1983, only to watch from the sidelines as Bill Gates and IBM ended up making him grotesquely rich.) Our own Bill Davidson is tied for #3 with a cool $3.5 billion in estimated net worth.

    What's interesting is that some of these guys have a lot less than you'd think. Obviously there are some group ownership and bookkeeping tricks involved, but who knows? You may not be as far from owning your own franchise as you thought.
  2. G-man

    G-man Starter

    Aug 15, 2005
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    g & g gas station
    Having it and keeping it....

    21 Millionaires and 9 Billionaires..That's a pretty exclusive club. A handful of these guys own additional franchises in other pro sports. Amazing.

    Imagine what Zeke would'a pulled off had he been able to keep and maintain those CBA teams. Everything would be different. The players would'a had the ability to force the owners to cough up more of their overall gross revenue instead of agreeing to the contract extension (other cba). They could'a jumped to the CBA Zeke owned, it had all the infrastructure in place, arenas, cities, parking, food & beverage, local media rights, etc.

    Had that happened, they either would'a, could'a leveraged those 30 owners out'a their boxers cause they had another place to take their games. Another competing league. Which, had it happened, would mean that Zeke by himself would'a suddenly owned the majority of all the teams in it....

    Unfreaking believable! No one appreciates the nads he was showing in making that move. He was thinking so far down the road that the average b-ball fan never understood what he was doing for the players and himself and his shareholders. He eventually got buried under lousy PR spin and the leagues union (a union that could'a bought him out and owned it's own future) bailed on him. It was a real "E tu brutus" moment...

    But Stern got it. The 30 millionaire/billionaire club got it. They started the current NBDL to strip anyone of the capability to ever take their turkeys off their tables again..

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