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PF Piston Pieces 8/23/09

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by G-man, Aug 23, 2009.

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    Ben Gordon points out he's more than a shooter

    It appears the Pistons won't sign a third point guard before the season opener Oct. 28 at Memphis.

    So, as of now, Rodney Stuckey will be the starter and Will Bynum, coming off an impressive season, will be the main backup.

    One reason the Pistons might feel a true third point guard isn't necessary is the signing of free-agent Ben Gordon.

    Known primarily as a scorer during his career with the Bulls, Gordon talked about playing some point at his introductory news conference in July, and his agent, Raymond Brothers, has echoed those sentiments.

    And in a recent interview with Dime Magazine, Gordon emphasized he is more than a shooter.

    "In Chicago, scoring was what I was asked to do," Gordon told Dime. "But I can do a lot more -- I can make treys, I can pass, I can create. There's a lot to my game that people haven't seen, or seen enough of. I think in Detroit, I'll be able to do more than just score."

    Ben Gordon points out he's more than a shooter | Detroit Free Press | Freep.com

    Long road to the top
    Peter May Boston.com

    "After a while, John Kuester figured “the call’’ would never come. Two decades in the NBA, 15 of those seasons as an assistant coach for six teams, probably left most to conclude he was your basic assistant coach lifer.

    “I was always comfortable with what I was doing,’’ Kuester said. “I would have been fine continuing to be an assistant coach. It’s a great life. You meet great people. But did I want to someday be a head coach? Absolutely.’’

    And now he is.

    Kuester has been given the somewhat daunting task of making the Detroit Pistons relevant again. The Pistons are either (a) rebuilding, which a lot of people think or (b) reconfiguring on the fly to return to the elite of the East, where they had resided for much of the decade, which is the company line.

    Either way, it’s a challenge for Kuester, who began his NBA odyssey as a video coordinator in Boston under Chris Ford. (He also worked for and succeeded Rick Pitino at Boston University.)

    There is some talent waiting for him in Detroit, with Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince, both of whom he knows from his one previous year with the Pistons, 2003-04, which resulted in an NBA title. Kuester also knows Ben Wallace from that year, and Big Ben is making a return to the place where he made his name (and fortune). There are new free agents in Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva and promising young-uns Rodney Stuckey and Jason Maxiell.

    In other words, it’s not the Sacramento Kings or Minnesota Timberwolves.

    “I just keep thinking, ‘How lucky am I?’ ’’ said Kuester. “I feel blessed to be in this situation, in a great environment, with a great organization that wants to compete for a championship. The Pistons are one of the premier organizations in the league. They’re accustomed to winning.’’

    While Kuester undeniably had paid his coaching dues, his name rarely surfaced on any list of “hot assistants’’ who seemed destined to land a head job. He did say that Cavaliers general manager Danny Ferry told him over the winter that he might expect to attract some interest at the end of the season, “but I never gave it much thought,’’ he said.

    And until Pistons hoops boss Joe Dumars called him, Kuester had never interviewed for a head job. He had never gotten so much as a call for an interview.

    But after brainstorming with Dumars, he called his wife, Tricia, and told her he thought the interview had gone exceedingly well and that he felt he had a good shot at the job. And when Dumars called with the offer, “Well, of course, I was ecstatic,’’ said Kuester. “You never know with these things, how they’ll go. But I thought, ‘Wow!’ It has taken a while to sink in, and then you realize that you have so much on your plate and so little time.’’ Continued...

    Long road to the top - The Boston Globe

    If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with
    Lakers Blog LA Times

    "Henry Abbott over at the ol'ESPN True Hoop recently polled his fellow True Hoop scribes about the NBA squad they enjoy watching the most when their favorite team wasn't playing (in Abbott's case, the Portland Trail Blazers). For most of the T.H. family, the Golden State Warriors took the prize, which isn't terribly surprising.

    The Detroit Pistons, 2004-2006: By now, you've probably figured out that I have the capacity to forgive teams engaged in bitter battles against the Lakers. I seethed while these guys took out the Kobe-Shaq-Malone-GP Lakers in the 2004 Finals and took boatloads of grief from a Day-Twah buddy, but that sting can't change the fact that Chauncey-Rip-Tay-Sheed-Big Ben were an absolute joy to watch. One of the best starting fives in recent memory, these guys executed so well on both sides of the ball. In his prime, Ben Wallace was one of my favorite players in the Association and I loved how dangerous Hamilton became playing off the ball."

    If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with | Lakers Blog | Los Angeles Times

    Piston Star Sues Former Manager
    Sports Remedy

    "Detroit Pistons star Richard Hamilton is accusing his former business manager of stealing about $1 million from him, according to a federal lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania.

    Hamilton accuses Nochimson of using his credit card to purchase airline flights, game tickets and other items.

    The lawsuit was filed May 18 against Josh Nochimson, who is also at the center of recruiting allegations at Connecticut, Hamilton’s alma mater.
    Hamilton led the Huskies to a national title in 1999. Nochimson was a student manager for the team.

    Nochimson’s attorney says he hasn’t seen the lawsuit and could not comment.

    Nochimson was accused earlier this year of providing improper gifts to entice a basketball recruit to sign with UConn."

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