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Playoff rosters

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by DeetroitDynasty-e, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. DeetroitDynasty-e

    DeetroitDynasty-e First Round Draft Pick

    May 26, 2007
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    Los Angeles, CA
    I know we have around 20 games left before the playoffs, but I was wondering what kind of active rosters we'll have against our potential opponents:


    I think in a series with Boston, Amir's lack of size and his inability to effectively guard KG will leave him out of the series (Perkins and Big Baby are big bodies that push AJ around). Samb won't be there either, but the third guy out may be Herrmann, putting three bigs out of the match. We might end up benching Juan Dixon or Afflalo as the third man out and keeping Amir in the mix.

    So Boston:
    Samb, Amir, Herrmann out
    Samb, Herrmann, Afflalo/Dixon

    Against Cleveland we'll need to match or at least chip away at their rabid rebounders (Ben and Side show bob), that means definitely AJ, but also maybe Hermann too. I think Juan Dixon, and Lindsey Hunter would match up well with Boobie Gibson. As for helping Tayshaun with Lebron... I have no idea. I know Samb will be out, but not sure about anybody else.

    So Cleveland:
    Samb out for sure, unknown others

    Against Orlando I think Amir should def be out there with the forward tandem of Turkolu and Lewis. Amir is athletic and quick enough to guard those guys and provide energy. Orlando has a small guard in Nelson, so maybe we'll need some Juan Dixon for that. Not sure who to bench, I assume Sheed, Dyess, and Ratliff will work Dwight for most/all the time.

    So Orlando:
    Samb out, unknown others
  2. round

    round All-Star 1x Fantasy Champion

    Jun 29, 2007
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    Samb is the easy one
    Herm i think is going to be a safe bet too with the introduction of Ratliff

    The third is going to be a guard... Hunter, AA, Dixon... Unless Stuckey is totally sucking down the stretch I'm keeping Hunter in his suit.

    My preference for the playoffs

    Bill, Stuckey
    Ham, AA, Dixon
    Prince, Hayes
    Wallace, Amir, Max
    Ratliff, McD
  3. Lee356

    Lee356 All-Star

    Aug 31, 2005
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    First a comment on this thread. It could fit into the rotation thread which already exists. Nuff of that. Since its here, I will post a roster for the playoffs here.

    Billups, Stuckey.

    Rip, Afflalo

    Tay, Amir

    Sheed, JMAX

    Theo, Dyess

    Samb and Dixon last two guys dressed.

    Dyess only plays if the other team presents a matchup that we need Dyess for. If they try to go small, we put in Samb for Dyess.

    Dixon does not play except for emergencies. Someone gets into serious foul trouble or someone gets injured during a game.

    Hunter could be activated on occasion and put in for a few minutes to harass an inexperienced point guard.

    Hayes, Can't think of a single reason he is on the team.

    Herrmann. Could be activated if Dallas miraculously comes out of the West, as he has shown effectiveness in guarding Dirk.
  4. KP

    KP Bench Warmer

    Sep 2, 2005
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    Metro Detroit
    Samb and Herm in suits ... then take your pick between Juan and Lindsay. They don't seem serious about Lindsay actually playing, so I'd expect to see him in a suit as well. I don't think Flip is likely to strategically tinker with the roster from game to game or even series to series.

    Hermann are inactive for the playoffs

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