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Primeau Forced to Retire

Discussion in 'Football, Baseball, and Hockey' started by Superstarov, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Superstarov

    Superstarov First Round Draft Pick

    Aug 14, 2005
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    Midland, MI
    From the Detroit News (AP)

    Keith Primeau still has his heart in hockey. It's the persistent fuzzy feeling in his head that's forcing the former Philadelphia Flyers captain to quit playing.

    Primeau will retire Thursday after failing to receive clearance to play because of lingering effects of a concussion. Nearly 11 months after he suffered the brutal blow that cost him most of last season, Primeau has accepted the bleak reality that his career is over.

    How many good players now have had their careers cut short by concussions? For all of the rules to help the players out with this, they still can't seem to keep that part of a physical game out of it. The one thing that bothers me about it, is when you see player playing with their chin straps loose... it kind of negates the whole idea of wearing a helmet.

    This isn't like the rash of eye injuries that have been a problem in the league lately. I think those are the result of players growing up with visors, and playing with guys who wear visors, then coming the league and suddenly guys aren't wearing them, and the sticks still fly. The guys aren't taught that fundamental anymore.

    But I think concussions are a part of any physical game. Especially hockey. Where you have hard ice and hard boards to land on whenever you go down. I'm not sure what they can do to prevent this, but I hope they don't take more of the physical play out of the game. They've already done too much.
  2. roscoe36

    roscoe36 All-Star Administrator

    Jul 5, 2005
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    I always liked Primeau. He was a good fit in Philly.

    I'd like to see them improve equipment rather than making the level of play softer. Detroit fans probably didn't enjoy Chris Pronger pinning players to the boards but that is what Playoff Hockey is all about.

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