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Some more stuff from Blakely

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by mercury, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. mercury

    mercury Bench Warmer

    Aug 15, 2005
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    Amish Hood
    Recent comments by ASB:

    There were a number of reasons why the trade was made now. They knew they were going to have to do something with Darko this summer, but it became obvious that something was going to have to be done with Arroyo as well. He never went public with it (until the other night), but he hasn't been happy with his role in Detroit for quite a while. He knew he would play behind chauncey, but he anticipated playing 15-20 minutes, not 5-10. And he knew when Lindsey came back, he wouldn't be playing much, if at all.This deal was one that met a lot of Detroit's needs. You get rid of Darko, and get a draft pick in return. You get rid of Arroyo, and get a nice chunk of salary cap space to use toward re-signing Ben this summer. The drawback, obviously, is you're not as deep. But I'm telling you, this Alex Acker kid is going to be pretty good. It may not happen for him this season, but this kid is going to be a good player for the Pistons. Is he better than Lindsey right now? Of course not. Could he surpass Lindsey by the time the playoffs roll around? Maybe. I really think he could have a Tayshaun Prince-like impact when Tay was a rookie playing behind Michael Curry.

    Right now, they're content to go with Acker as the No. 3 until he proves he's not up for the challenge. I really don't think that will happen. But yes, guys like Eisley, Anthony Goldwire are names that have been discussed, but again, only if Acker proves he's not up for the challenge right now.

    Arroyo being gone won't help or hurt Delfino's status. He's definitely gaining the confidence of his teammates and coaching staff. As for him and Mo, I think the only way you can do things is the way Flip has done them, which is to play one of them for a few games here and there, and then go with the other one for a few games. They both bring something unique to the floor that I believe can help the Pistons. As far as Delfino holding back, I don't believe that's the case now. I think more than anything else, he's just a little bit smarter and does a better job of picking his spots as far as when to attack and when not to. I really believe he'll have a playoff series where his play will be invaluable. I also believe the same will be said for Mo Evans.

    Folks should frame the boxscore from last night's game, because that's about as perfect as you'll get in terms of distributing minutes. The only guy who played a few minutes more than normal was Tayshaun Prince, who logged 40. I liked seeing Dice out there for 20-plus minutes, and Delfino was WAY better than the four points he scored in 19 minutes. I think the bench is going to be OK, but it's clear that they could benefit from having one more scorer in the backcourt.

    More than anything else, he would be a guy that they can look to spell chauncey for a minute or two, here and there. Keep in mind that, assuming the Hawks waive him today or monday, he won't come here playing 10, 15 or 20 minutes off the bat. He still has to learn as much of the system as he can, and that would probably take a little bit of time. But again, this guy would be coming in, more than anything else, as an insurance policy of sorts just in case Chauncey or
  2. LA Sam

    LA Sam Second Round Draft Pick

    Sep 1, 2005
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    Los Angeles
    Good stuff Merc.

    Delfino is a stud, and I know we're going to be really pleased with him in the playoffs. I'm going on gut here, but he looks to be a prime time player to me, who won't really come into his own until next year.

    Evans has great energy, especially making a pest of himself on the boards with his leaping ability. He may not grab many, but he'll bother anybody going after them. When his 3 ball is working, he's a real weapon. He may not be a perfect fit for this team, but he's proved he can contribute.

    Acker: I love his size, and he may be alright as the 3rd guard, but I believe that his inexperience could hurt us in the post season. Delk would be a nice pickup, especially if he can give us better scoring than Lindsey, and close to as decent defense.

    Finally, Darko & Arroyo are going to do good in Orlando. This move still bothers me, but it does work out somewhat for both parties. I just hate giving up a solid guard and promising center for a flakey pick and a cripple.

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