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SuperBowl Runner-up Jinx Phenomenon

Discussion in 'Football, Baseball, and Hockey' started by aurora, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. aurora

    aurora Bench Warmer

    Apr 15, 2006
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    Sacramento, CA
    Can someone explain to me this phenomenon? Is it really as simple as the losing team's emotional hangover? What about the raised expectations and increased media spotlight on the losing team the following year? Or off-season changes due to free agency?

    It doesn't really make sense that a team that made it to the SuperBowl would implode so much in one off season to not even be in the playoffs. What gives?

    I'm a very casual football fan, however I am so hoping the Seahawks (sorry Lions fans I'm from Seattle area) can build on what they accomplished last year. I don't think it's likely they'll get all the way back to the SuperBowl, but they've made it to the playoffs multiple years in a row, they don't have much competition in their division, so I hate to think its a foregone conclusion that they'll fail miserably this year.

    This runner-up jinx doesn't happen in the NBA or MLB. Why is the NFL different or are the last five years just a fluke? Could it be that the SuperBowl stage is so so big (biggest sporting event day in the world...etc...etc...) on that SuperBowl Sunday and that losing it is the ultimate anti-climax?

    I remember thinking it was amazing how Philadelphia imploded last year. Would love to hear what anyone who has been following the NFL thinks about this. Thanks!

    I didn't want to put this in the Lions threads. Mods, feel free to move it to a better place if there is one. I didn't see a general NFL discussion thread.
  2. roscoe36

    roscoe36 All-Star Administrator

    Jul 5, 2005
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    It does happen in the NHL sometimes. I think it does in fact happen in the MLB sometimes as well (hard to tell with the Yankees in the playoffs almost every year).

    Great topic AKMW. All football threads are perfect right here.

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