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The Good the Bad & the Ugly!!!

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by Dlev59, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Dlev59

    Dlev59 Bench Warmer Moderator

    Feb 15, 2006
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    Laurel, Maryland
    The Good......

    It`s difficult to find something good or encouraging about the Pistons` season thus far. However, I will try. We now know that we have a bench that can contribute. Flip has managed to give Delfino, Dale Davis and J-Max playing time this year and positve results followed. Lindsey Hunter can disrupt an opponents offense with his defense and help on the offense at times. The acqusition of C-Webb should help us more than it will hurt us, that`s a good thing, isn`t it?

    Remember last year about this time when the Miami Heat were playing worse than the Pistons are now? I do. We just knew that our Pistons would blow them out of the water come playoff time. Well, we know what happened there. Perhaps, the Pistons can come together in time for a playoff run that can help us forget about the first few months of the season.

    The Bad........

    Flip is losing control of this team. Flip Jr doesn`t like Flip Sr. Sheed is unhappy, and hurting. CB is injured. The Pistons defense is, well as Low said, DEAD........

    The Ugly...........

    Hopefully it will not get to here, however, it most certainly could. Sheed could get extremely unhappy and get a tech in each game he plays in from here on out. CB may not ever recover from his injury due to Flip playing him 40 MPG on one leg, then he bolts during the offseason. Joe D senses the season slipping away and backs Flip till the end, then fires him the day after the season ends. As draft day approaches the Pistons awaiting to see in what order their lottery pick is trades Sheed for another first rounder, giving them three next year.......

    Now that`s ugly....

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