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the misery of the teal

Discussion in 'Pistons and NBA' started by TWOTIMESRALPHI, Nov 26, 2009.


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    Sep 1, 2005
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    is it back? I became a Pistons fan in Grant Hill's rookie season; Lindsey Hunter was still young and he played in the back court with Joe Dumars. At the front court, you had Grant Long, Terry Mills and Otis Thorpe. Hill was a one- man show at that time, while the entire team was made out of a bunch of scrubs and aging vets. The teal came in Grant Hill's 2nd season; during that span, I remember players like Bison Dele, Jerry Stackhouse, Theo Ratliff, Loy Vaught, Big Ben, Don Reid or Eric Montross wearing it. What I also remember was that the team was below- average, that's why I enjoyed the last year's so much. As a Pistons- fan, I wasn't used to success and hence, I could honor it properly once it was there.
    But these days, I am afraid we're back to that horrible era; JoeD officially wanted to remain on top without going through that miserable process of rebuilding. I trusted in him to keep the team competitive; but, with all these mistakes he's made since acquiring Darko instead of Carmello, DWade or Bosh, I've lost my faith. This team probably will have to switch into rebuilding mode. I really don't think this losing streak is due to Tayshaun's and RIP's absence; sure, they'd make things easier - but still, what this team lacks is nothing RIP and Tayshaun are capable of. Plus, BG, Stuckey and CV are destined to be our so- called core and they've proven that they can't handle it. I still have to adapt to the situation that this team has become worse every year after #05 and is as far away from a ship as Bill Gates from being homeless. Just wanted to write down these words because I had a bad feeling when I realized that the Pistons are worst in the central division.
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    Lake Elmo
    Today is Thanksgiving. A day that even I strive to be thankful for what I have.
    The above piece may have some interesting points, but does not make for a good read for me on Thanksgiving Day.
  3. Kidstealth

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    Jul 17, 2009
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    Disagree that somehow our guys have proven they can't carry the load after a handful of games.

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