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Discussion in 'Football, Baseball, and Hockey' started by OLD SKOOL HQ, Apr 1, 2007.


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    Sep 7, 2005
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    Houston, Texas
    Since talking about the Lions is fruitless, I decided this would be a good place for some WWE talk. Anybody going? Anybody watching? Im gonna do it for the fact its in Detroit again after 20 years.
    Detroit , along with Charlotte, Memphis and New york has been the birth place of great wrestling for years . Heres some Old Skool Notes:

    1. I recall my first match live at the Cobo. The main event was Johnny Valentine and Cheif Jay Strongbow vs The Sheik and Pampero Firpo. The match started with Sheik and firpo racing to the ring. We didnt know why but it was because valentine and the Cheif was chasing them. A great night.
    2. Back then, it was called "Big Time Wrestling". Little did I know til later that it was owned by THE SHEIK and BOBO Brazil.
    3. My favorite wrestlers were Sheik who was famous for the Camel Clutch, lighting fires and being scared of the Arena lights!!:pound: OH yeah, let me stick this in. The Michigan Chronicle would actually list the results of the matches in the sports section!!!!

    - Pampero Firpo. The jungle man from Argentina had the famous claw that could make your head bleed. His famous yell was "OHHH yeah".
    -Bobo Brazil. The big man from Benton Harbor had the famous 'Coco" head butt. But he was super strong. "im gonna beat the boy, and Im gonna beat the boy bad!' He actually was a hated villain until late in his career, as was Firpo.
    - Ariba Luis Martinez. He would get pummelled for 30 minutes, UNTIL u threw him out the ring. Then He would run around the ring as the crowd chanted "Ariba Ariba!!" Then he get back in and kill the poor guy. Hilarious. He was like UltraMan.
    - Tony Marino. Smooth as silk. Built like a stud. Brazil's best friend. Then he turned evil. I almost died.
    - The Stomper and Ben Justice. Best tag team I ever saw. Stomper had 'The Original sleeper" and Justice was a great technical wrestler. Then Justice turned on Stomper and created agreat rivalry. When asked why he turned on Stomper, Justice would just say "HEH..Heh..heh!":pound:
    - Cheif jay Strongbow- The great one. Mr excitement. The tomahawk chop and his war dance was legendary.
    - Tex Mc Kenzie. Nicest guy in the world. The original 'bulldog drop'.
    - Johnny Valentine. Dad of Greg The Hammer. Mean as a snake. Tough as nails.
    - The Von Ratsche's. Ahh the dreaded Germans. Famous for their goosestep around the ring.
    4. The next era that caught my attention featured greats like Dusty Rhodes(the blackest white guy i ever seen up til then), Ric Flair, Harley Race, The Von Erichs and the Freebirds.
    5. When I moved to Ft CampbellKY, i got wind of Big South Wrestling with Jerry lawler, Ron simmons, The Dundees, Jeff Jarrett, and a voluptous Jackee! Great interview sessions.
    6. The WWf made a comeback by enlisting the likes of Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Snuka, Roddy piper, Bob Orton and Paul Orndorf. But two things took WWe to another level.
    a. They had the best 'hated' managers in the biz. Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Slick, Mr Fuji and Capt Lou Albano kept excitement in boring matches with their outside interference.
    b. The emergence of Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse Ventura and Mean Gene Okerlund. Because of their comedic ways, it brought ACTing into the squared circle. Some of the funniest bits in the world featured those 3.
    7. The NWA vs the WWF. When this was at its peak, there was no sport NO SPORT better!! NWA had the backing of Ted Turner and TBS to put Wrestling on Cable Nationwide. WWF had the young spawn of Satan , Vince mcMahon, who had to do something to get his sport more views and came up with NBC's Saturday Nights Main Event(a break from weekly SNL shows). There was nothing like these battles. And when the defections from one organization to another started, the WAR began. Because of Wrestlemania3/Silverdome the $$$ changed everything.
    Then Vince did the unbelievable. HE BOUGHT OUT EVERYBODY. The RAW vs NITRO wars are of legend.(If u have any questions of who, why and when, let me know)

    1. THE RANTS OF ECW OWNER PAUL DANGEROUSLY. On an episode of RAW where the bit was for Vince to fire Paul Heyman, he went OFF on Vince for destroying wrestling after his father(Vince Sr) died. Paul said Vince Sr made a promise to all promotions that WWF would never 'monopolize' pro wrestling! It was beautiful to hear what we all waited for someone to say. Of course, at the end, Vince had Tazz knock Paul D out, but...

    2. WRESTLEMANIA 3. Still the greatest single event that I have ever witnessed(Although the 911SuperBowl with whitney doing the National anthem was the greatest moment..i still get chills). It was Detroit. It was aretha. It was Savage vs Steamboat. It was Hogan slamming Andre. It was Santana and the Bulldogs getting their revenge on Danny davis. It was Piper retiring(the 1st time) It was greatness and WILL never be matched again.

    3. THE ROCK VS HULK HOGAN-REDEEMED AGAIN. Hogan was a bad guy and was returning with the NWO vs the WWE poster child. But something funny happened . During the match, people started cheering for the Hulkster. The looks on Rock and Hulk's faces were priceless. They were soo good they changed the script DURING the match. It was Hulk coming back home. I loved it...I teared up. Its true.

    4. CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS-LUGER AND WINDHAM VS ARN ANDERSON AND TULLY BLANCHARD. The greatest tag team performance ever. It said the standard for the missed tag, fooling the ref, and the dramatic ending. Every tag match afterwards mimicked that one.


    SO, Wrestling is a Michigan staple on sports history and i think if you order it tonight, you will see a nice tribute to our involvement with wrestling history.

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